Canada Skilled Migration

What is the Canada Skilled Migration?

One of the main goals of Canadian immigration is to welcome skilled newcomers who will contribute to Canada’s growing economy. Successful applicants of the Skilled Worker Immigration programs will receive a Canadian Immigration (permanent resident) Visa, allowing the applicant to immigrate to Canada with his or her family.

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    What are the eligibility criteria for Canada Skilled Migration?

    There is point based immigration system applicable in Canada for entry of skilled workers in the country, i.e. Express Entry System. In order to qualify for the Express Entry immigration system of Canada under FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) category, you would need to score minimum 67 points. Moreover, if you want to obtain ITA (Invitation to apply) for visa in the Express Entry System, you would need to to score more than the minimum passing criteria (CRS Score).

    Canada skilled migration pertains to certain minimum requirements regarding the following:

    • Skilled work experience
    • Language ability
    • Education
    • Admissibility to Canada
    • Proof of funds

    Who should apply for the Canada Skilled Migration?

    A skilled worker is any person who has special skills, training, qualifications and experience in a certain trade. The Canadian government uses the National Occupational Classification (NOC) to categorize skilled job positions for immigration purposes. Skilled workers who settle in Canada on a permanent basis are especially valuable to Canada’s economy and the strength of its workforce.

    What are the benefits of Canada Skilled Migration?

    There are certain privileges you would be able to get benefited from while some basic ones of them are as following:

    • It is a valid route to attain permanent residency in Canada
    • You would be able to get benefited from free education, free medical care along with other social amenities being permanent resident in Canada
    • Since there is a CRS calculator from which you would be able to calculate your points score yourself and hence, check your eligibility for Canada skilled migration without any chances of biasness

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