Canada Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Visa

What is the Canada Nova Scotia Entrepreneur visa?

The Canada Nova Scotia Entrepreneur visa introduced under the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) stream is the most suitable entry route to Canada if you are a non-Canadian national and intend to stay and invest in Nova Scotia via your innovative start-up business development.

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    What are the eligibility criteria for the Canada Nova Scotia Entrepreneur visa?

    There are certain requirements that you would need to fulfil in order to successfully obtain your Canada Nova Scotia entrepreneur visa while the major qualifying requirements for the applicants are as following:

    • Your age must be 21 years or above while, your academic background ought to meet the desired criteria
    • You must possess experience of at least 3 years being a business owner with minimum 33.3% ownership or experience of not less than 5 years as a senior business manager in last 10 years
    • You must have a minimum $600,000 CAD in Net Business and Personal Assets, verified by NSOI designated third party professionals
    • You must agree to stay in Nova Scotia and make a minimum capital investment of $150,000 CAD to establish or purchase a business in Nova Scotia
    • You must own claimed net worth that should be verifiable and traceable to legal resources
    • Your business plan regarding proposed start-up business must include all the required extensive details
    • You would also need to demonstrate sufficient English or French language proficiency verified by an approved language testing agency

    Moreover, there are certain other requirements regarding the proposed business regarding which you can enquire from our expert consultants.

    What is the stay duration permitted on this visa?

    You would be able to stay and work on your start-up business for the time span of 2 years. However, if you succeed in meeting the requirements of the signed performance agreement within 1 year period, you would be able to apply for permanent residence or Canada settlement.

    What are the benefits of the Canada Nova Scotia Entrepreneur visa?

    There are many privileges you would be entitled to avail on the basis of the Canada Nova Scotia Entrepreneur visa while the major benefits are as following

    • The Canada Nova Scotia Entrepreneur visa would enable you to start a new business or same business that fulfils the standards of innovation and viability in Nova Scotia.
    • You would be allowed to bring your dependent family members to Novia Scotia who would be free to study and work there as well.
    • You would be entitled to apply for Canada settlement or permanent residence status after getting your performance agreement approved within the time span of 1 year.

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    • We provide complete guidelines regarding the whole documentation requirement in addition to other criteria required for successful grant of Canada Nova Scotia Entrepreneur visa.
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    • We duly complete the submission of our clients’ application and keep communicating with the immigration authorities until the successful results are accomplished.

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