About Us

Founded with over 21 years’ experience in field of Law, Chisty Law Chambers (CLC) provides the highest quality service to our clients.
CLC offer a full range of UK Immigration assistance and services, offering a complete solution for both individuals and businesses. This includes Investor Visa, Innovator Visa and Start Up Visa, covering initial applications, renewals, Indefinite Leave to Remain and British Citizenship. We pride ourselves in offering a complete customized immigration services and solutions for UK, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and Europe. We also offer legal services to our clients in Civil, Criminal, Tax and Corporate matters.
We are enthusiastic and forward thinking about what we do and the areas in which we function. We have our offices in four major cities in Pakistan (Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad and Mirpur Azad Kashmir)and an associate office in Uk In the name and style of chisty law chambers limited, having company number 10768907. Association of “CLC” in UK only provides management consultancy services or redirect clients to “CLC” Pakistan for similar or Legal matters, and do not deal in litigation of matters.
We have a strong reputation in offering an expert and efficient law services. Experienced and qualified team of lawyers advocating a compassionate and personalised approach. We fiercely guard our clients’ interests, identifying the momentous connection between personal and business affairs.
To warrant that we continue to produce as a business and deliver the highest quality service our team plays pre-eminent strategy when it comes to pleading, dispute resolution, arbitration and negotiations in the best interest of our clients


Why Choose Us


Since our firm’s inception, we have prioritised our approach towards personalised services, and this remains the hallmark of our leading practice. We lead our clients by examining each case individually, providing the time and attention it requires. We then take swift measures to meet the needs of the clients and their businesses. Our services are high quality, comprehensive, creative, and provided with an eye on efficiency and these places us as global leaders in the field of global immigration services for over a decade.


An important component to our business approach is our attorneys, who are not only explicit in their practice areas, but carry on the tradition of experience, innovation and excellence with combined experience of 30 years. Quite simply, we are among our domain’s best, most respected, and most trustworthy law firms. Our clients can feel confident about working with us and knowing that we understand their business and individual needs with our professional excellence.


Our firm has obtained results to back up our highly-rated practice and reputation. Chisty Law Chambers has also been rated as having a very high adherence to professional standards of services, conduct, ethics, and diligence. Past results do not guarantee future results, but hiring us means you are hiring a firm with a proven track record of excellent results.